Selby Open Night

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Sutherland Astronomical Society

Saturday 24 March, 2018
Green Point Observatory
Green Point and Caravan Head Road, Oyster Bay

 Adults $12, Children $5, Family $25, Concession $5 

No booking required. Open from 6 to 11 pm.

View stars, star clusters and nebulae through the 41cm Selby telescope operating in the Observatory Dome,
the 35cm Napier telescope under the roll-off roof, and a variety of telescopes on the field.

Astronomy lectures. BBQ, hot and cold food and drinks, books, posters and gifts on sale.


Looking Up At Open Night



Come and look through the giant refurbished Selby Telescope 

Selby Almost Finished

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Sutherland Astronomical Society Sponsors

The following valued sponsors have purchased an historical astronomical photographic plate to help fund the education and outreach programs of the Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc. (SASI)


Sponsor               Plate Number Right Ascension  Declination Constellation Prominent Object

These are web sites that are friends of ours, or just a good source of astronomy related information.


Historical Glass Photographic Survey Plates For Sale

SASI has a number of astronomical photographic plates produced as part of the ESO/SERC Southern Sky Survey conducted by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the UK’s Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) in the period between 1973 and 1988.

UK Schmidt Telescope

ESO Schmidt Telescope

The plates were produced using either: The 1.2 metre UK Schmidt Telescope (left) at Siding Spring Mountain, NSW or The 1 metre ESO Schmidt Telescope (right) at La Silla, Chile. 

$20 Sponsorship Package

Individual plates are available for purchase as part of a sponsorship package of Sutherland Astronomical Society.

Other organisations have a "name a star" programme, but our sponsorship package allows you to own a professionally-produced photograph of a part of the southern sky. The photographs were taken as a part of a valuable scientific survey program, so you can own a part of astronomy history.

Each glass plate measures approximately 300mm x 300mm, and represents an area of the southern hemisphere sky approximately 5 degrees by 5 degrees square and features a prominent star or other astronomical object. A sample plate is shown in the photograph below.

Included in the package is a numbered certificate of authenticity which includes the details about your plate, a map showing the sky position, and information about the featured object. To see what your certificate would look like, download a sample.

Your purchase will help fund the education and outreach programs of the Sutherland Astronomical Society Inc. (SASI).

To recognize your support, you will be included in the list of supporters maintained on our web site on Our Sponsors page.

Plate-Only Purchase

If you do not wish to receive a certificate of authenticity, plates can be sold separately wthout information about objects shown on the plate. The co-ordinates of the centre of the plate will be supplied in order for you to conduct your own resarch.

The plate-only price is $10. 


For more information, or to purchase a plate, please send an email to our secretary by filling in the Contact Form in the Enquires section on the Contact Us page.

Plates can be picked up from our observatory, or mailed at cost. 

Sample Plate

ESO Plate 1424

Plate Detail

ESO Plate 1424 Detail